Growth, change and tension are naturally occurring in the life of busy organisations. In such times Karen works alongside leaders who are determined to get their people thinking and working together more effectively.  Well led, healthy organisations performing strongly is the name of the game.

He aha te kaupapa?

Better leaders, better organisations, better lives.

In the post-Covid environment Karen is prioritising 1:1 Professional  Support to leaders and key staff at The Talk Shop.   Click through to see what's on offer.

Strategic advisor

Moving forward requires a game plan with smart moves and generating effective engagement amongst staff, stakeholders and shareholders.   Communities, boards and management teams call on Karen to provide and facilitate clear advice on moving forward.  Karen has particular expertise at the Crown-Māori interface and helping organisational governors generate direction, capability and momentum.  


Effective, independent facilitation helps get people listening, talking and engaging creatively in focused ways. Keeping the conversation inclusive, on track and moving forward ensures that outcomes are achieved with strong collective shaping. I provide interactive processes for:

  • Stakeholder conversations with groups such as sector leaders, iwi partners, customers, supplier, staff, project teams, management teams, funding partners, volunteer groups
  • Strategic planning and review
  • Mobilising project teams and collectives
  • Giving and receiving challenging feedback
  • Building trust
  • Problem solving and aligning for right action
  • Getting past conflict into cooperation and learning.


Want to grow, develop resilience or perform better? I work closely with leaders and other motivated individuals who are committed to developing themselves to be better and do better.   I offer a holistic, high empathy, high challenge korero tautoko approach - deep, supportive, personal engagement to achieve the growth, self management strategies and qualities of character you seek.  Click on the following link to find out more about this professional support:


Supervision assists clients to think and work more effectively and safely by peeling back the layers to look closely at "how and why i do what i do" and become more conscious about themes such as impact, unconsous bias, practice outcomes and blindspots. Through regular reflective talking in either professional supervision or cultural supervision settings I assist clients  to:

  • Increase awareness of themselves, their impact on others and their work practices
  • Consider complex dilemma's and situations
  • Explore and challenge comfort zones and limited thinking
  • Work out strategies to their change behaviour and experience
  • Work more effectively at cross cultural interfaces
  • Expand identity


  • Strategic advice - finding organisation direction and momentum
  • Extreme facilitation - deep engagement and events
  • High performance coaching - teams and individuals
  • Supervision - cultural and professional


  • Interactive - we problem solve as partners
  • Tailored - made to fit your needs, your people
  • Savvy - straight to the heart of the matter
  • Direct - clear thinking and straight talking
  • Energised - constructive and positive
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