Throughout twenty five years of human development practice, Karen's philosophy and tool kit has been honed by many professional influences. Most notable of these are:

Human Synergistics

Human Synergistics

Inspired by their outstanding insights into human behaviour and performance, Karen has gained accreditation as a consultant accessing Human Synergistic's technologies. The diverse range of human behaviours are mapped and managed through their key tool - The circumplex.

Individuals, groups and whole organisation's find their current behaviour in the circumplex and from there, a course for constructive development is charted.

Māori Development practitioners

Keenly interested in the cultural development of our nation and the peoples within it Karen has a strong professional and personal interest in Te Ao Māori (Māori worldviews). Karen's thinking is informed by a wide range of Māori development practicioners such as Dr Rose Pere, Professor Mason Durie, Denis Grennell and Keri Te Aho-Lawson.

Anthony Robbins

Anthony Robbins

Much of Karen's coaching and development practice is centered in the field of self-determination known as Human Agency... individuals taking empowered responsibility for their own and their life's scorecard. Karen's thinking and practice in this area has been powerfully informed by the work of internationally renowned coach and personal development legend Tony Robbins.

Spending a significant amount of time training with Tony Robbin's and completing his Mastery University programme has provided Karen with strong personal growth in addition to tools and technologies for personal mastery.

John Herron

Karen's facilitation expertise has been informed by the founding work of John Herron.

His deep insight into the psychosocial functioning of groups and developing group cohesion has helped Karen form a unique facilitation style that is warm, interactive and challenging.

The Pacific Institute

The Pacific Institute

The Pacific Institute have developed a powerful personal development intervention known as Investment in Excellence which Karen is accredited to offer in New Zealand. The Investment in Excellence experience has been hugely powerful in Karen's own life and is well proven to facilitate accelerated growth and satisfaction in the lives of many others.

Anthroposophical commentators

Alongside colleague Lauren Hudson Karen has come to appreciate the depth and potency in the observations of such anthroposophical pioneers as Rudolph Steiner, Coenraad van Houten. Profound and relevant spiritual archetypes often underpin Karen's development practice and facilitate the forward movement of mind and soul.
Houten's work "Awakening the will" has helped Karen distill her understanding of adult learning practice.


  • Strategic advice - finding organisation direction and momentum
  • Extreme facilitation - deep engagement and events
  • High performance coaching - teams and individuals
  • Supervision - cultural and professional


  • Interactive - we problem solve as partners
  • Tailored - made to fit your needs, your people
  • Savvy - straight to the heart of the matter
  • Direct - clear thinking and straight talking
  • Energised - constructive and positive
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